Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 12th 2018


The new restrooms have opened and look beautiful from the in and outside. Since it was a public operating day we didn’t take pictures inside, for obvious reasons. Ahead of CraZanity’s opening, Scrambler has been fully renovated and is now open to the public. The queue utilizes the classic structure it opened with, and the ride now features blue, green and white colors. Right adjacent, the new landscaping and queue for the Jammin’ Bumpers  are starting to look awesome. Scrambler received awnings, and the ride is now entirely shaded. It honestly looks so much better than we anticipated. The color scheme is odd, but the ride looks great. #shadefordaysLet’s move on to CraZanity itself! We have spotted the ride and the shade structure that will house the queue. But before that let’s note that the park briefly opened Tidal Wave after doing some repaint work, and now is continuing repainting efforts with the exit bridge of the ride. CraZanity itself looks stunning. Perfect color palate, very beach-y and perfect for the new area. This 170 feet tall pendulum ride is the first Zamperla Giant Discovery to use a prismatic arm, rather than the usual cylindrical shape, which was custom made for Six Flags Magic Mountain! The ride will swing out beautifully over the rest of the boardwalk. The sign on top of the ride briefly said “SpinZanity”, but luckily the park replaced that with CraZanityIt’s quite a massive ride, and is at perfect scale for the park. For those who were not aware, this is the world’s largest pendulum thrill ride. Next to this giant is the new Johnny Rockets, which is getting a lovely refurbishment itself. INCLUDING A QUEUE SYSTEM!! The Boardwalk is shaping up to be a much bigger project than we anticipated it would be, and the park is really adding a lot of detail and wise decisions to make this more than just a new thrill ride. This picture shows off the ride vehicle being attached to the arm, and the queue house going up. In the distance the ride control panel/ booth is going up. Another pleasant surprise next to Johnny Rockets is the new landscaping and dining area that are being created. And on the topic of detail, Six Flags Magic Mountain added these bad boy emblems to the buildings! 

Other News

Let’s finish this update with a little section of additional news, such as the fact that Green Lantern: First Flight is still closed and will soon reach a year of closure. No word on when it will reopen at this time. DC Universe was given a refurbishment in 2011 for the launch of Green Lantern: First Flight, but since details are starting to fade, including everything behind the windows.KWERK is coming back this summer! The acrobatics show is one of my favorite summer offerings at the park and we’ll be back soon to check out this year’s version. I’m also a big fan of meet ‘n greets, something Six Flags Magic Mountain is really getting into lately!For those wondering, Revolution is still closed unfortunately. No word on when it will reopen or how long the refurbishment is taking. The new Plaza Ice Cream And Shakes store now has seating outside, which was a cute and much needed addition. Last but not least, to tie in with the beginning of the update, the park’s new Coaster Candy store has now opened next to Full Throttle Sports Bar and offers a wide selection of candy to sugar rush you through the day!

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9 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 12th 2018”

  1. Loving all the new additions and upgrades their doing let’s hope cyclone bay gets a big budget cause the Boardwalk area is looking way better than I thought

    1. It is heavily rumored that we are getting a new coaster and a new flat ride this year. 2019 will be the largest capital investment since Tatsu was built. The new coaster will not be a T-Rex or Giga.

  2. Man!!! I still want some drastic changes for the DC Universe area where they can finally get rid of GREEN LANTERN and maybe remove (or retheme to a Aquaman) Tidal Wave. Also, Wonder Woman deserves more respect than that spinning thing they have for her. Maybe give her a 4D Free Fly Coaster where Green Lantern currently is, and replace that spinning thing she has with a Catwoman themed flat ride

  3. Man, I hope they take a look at Apocalypse too. That ride has such a cool layout and could be really great but it’s so unbelievably rough. I’m convinced there are square wheels on those trains! Hopefully they’ll give it a little love, especially since it’s the only woodie in the park.

  4. A few things to think about:

    First, while nothing will top the new Star Wars Edge of Galaxy area at Disneyland, I think SFMM will counter with something fairly big for 2019. And they’re due for a new coaster since the last one was Twisted Colossus three years ago. 2019 will be four years, and that’s too long for this park.

    Second, the park’s 50th anniversary is only three years from now. I’d like to think that there will be something HUGE in 2021.

    Third, I agree that Cyclone Bay is waaay overdue for a renovation. The park knows that, and I think they’ll either completely retheme it, or spend some serious money getting it fixed up. As for attractions, sadly, there’s little back there to draw people. Upcharge rides and a rough wooden coaster ain’t gonna do it. I like a good woodie, but they don’t last in Southern California. We have the wrong kind of weather here, and it doesn’t help that our wooden coasters run all year long. That’s giving ’em a beating.

    Thank you, Sean, for the coverage you give our parks in California. You do a great job!

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