Wildfire at Kolmården Wildlife Park

WFPano-1-Large-1038x576Remember when the announcement for Wildfire came out a few years back? And then suddenly this crazy RMC coaster was finally completed? One of our European crew members visited Kolmården Wildlife Park to ride Europe’s first RMC woodie, and the jealousy among our Californian crew went through the roof! Let’s take a quick look at the ride! 

After being dispatched from the station, you make an instant right hand turn into the enormous lift hill. If you look to your left as you ascend, you will be afforded a beautiful panoramic view of Bråviken bay – a large lake that the park overlooks – and to your right is the rolling landscape of the park itself. You reach the top, and make a 270 degree turn which passes under the lift hill structure and leads into a small crest before reaching the huge 161ft drop (which is only 4ft off the 165ft drop of Lightning Rod at Dollywood). The drop heads straight towards the lake, which is a superb piece of landscaping and design by the park and the coaster designer Alan Schilke.IMG_1186-Large-e1468611085642

Next up: The zero-G stall towers over its surrounding trees, indeed it isn’t far off the height from which the train drops in the first place. The train enters, and is upside down for approximately 3 seconds – in which you experience first zero-G floater followed by complete hang-time. (More drop and Zero-G-Stall talk in our full ride review!)

The next element is a crazy right hand outside banked airtime hill, which the train twists into very sharply, producing very strong lateral forces combined with ejector airtime – before it twists just as sharply left and drops down into a small tunnel.IMG_1195-Large

Another couple of turns later, and the train traverses its second inversion – a perfectly fabricated and designed right hand heartline roll; one of the most smooth yet thrilling inversions possible. Another few airtime hills and turns later and it reaches its third inversion – a mirror image almost of the second and just as perfect – a left hand heartline roll which although taken slightly slower than the first, is no less impressive upon the rider.

Wildfire overall is a truly fantastic investment for a park such as Kolmården – it is big enough to attract riders from overseas without a problem, yet its wooden nature and lower height restriction means that it also caters for braver children – the likes of whom already visit the park with families. What it isn’t, unfortunately,  is a top 5 coaster – We highly recommend you read why it isn’t a top 5 coaster, and what else makes the ride so fantastic (including elements we left out in this quick overview) in our FULL RIDE REVIEW on our sister site! WFPano-1-Large-1038x576

Thanks for checking out this quick preview! Make sure to visit our European sister site for more! We just published a Californian special regarding an S&S Free Spin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

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