San Diego

We are covering the San Diego area as well! It’s primarily SeaWorld San Diego and Belmont Park. SeaWorld San Diego opened in 1964 as a zoological park after the original restaurant/aquarium plan fell through. It opened with 2 aquariums, several dolphins, sea lions, and otters. The park opened with just 45 employees. It was such a success that the park was visited by 400,000 guests in its first season. The park grew quickly, and SeaWorld San Diego started the SeaWorld chain, adding 3 more parks, of which one is no longer around (SeaWorld Ohio). SeaWorld San Diego has 2 world class roller-coasters, the MACK multi-launcher Manta, and the MACK water-coaster, Journey to Atlantis. In 2012, SeaWorld San Diego purchased the nearby Knott’s Soak City, which reopened as a world-class SeaWorld Aquatica water park in June of 2013. Belmont Park, located relatively close to SeaWorld San Diego, is a classic beach boardwalk theme-park, which houses one of the oldest coasters on the West Coast, the Giant Dipper. (Scroll to the bottom for the most recent news and reports!)




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