Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 8th 2017

Sean: Another week has passed by and with a bit of spare time this evening I decided to ride some coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain! And whenever I’m at The Mountain I will try get a quick update going. In this update we’ll take a look around the park and at some Metropolis construction, of course!  Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 8th 2017”

Knott’s Berry Farm – Boysenberry Festival 2017!

Sean: One of the best events in the state is back! The Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm! Since we were unable to attend on the opening day for the park’s media event, we visited a few days later! The sun was out and crowds were nowhere to be found! Plenty of great food and awesome rides with minimal lines!  Continue reading “Knott’s Berry Farm – Boysenberry Festival 2017!”

Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout! – Exterior Early April

Sean: Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout! is already well received by many, and there are still plenty of Disney fans that are upset that Tower of Terror has left Disney California Adventure Park. We’re actually quite excited for the relaunch of the drop ride and the ride looks surprisingly much better than the original concepts! Let’s take a look at the exterior as of the first week of April: Continue reading “Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout! – Exterior Early April”

From Southwest to Southeast: Carowinds!

Sean: After riding the World’s fastest, and arguably best, Wooden Coaster a few days prior, it was time to visit the World’s largest Giga Coaster at Carowinds! This park recently received a major facelift from Cedar Fair, one very similar to what California’s Great America is planned to receive in the next few years! The park’s operations were amazing, and the park has a solid line-up of roller coasters! Let’s take a look around the park, shall we?

Continue reading “From Southwest to Southeast: Carowinds!”

From Southwest to Southeast: Dollywood <3

Sean: We all know Dollywood, the Dolly Parton theme park. Known for good food, better shows, and some highlight roller coasters that make the park a heaven for pretty much any theme park enthusiast. It was finally time to leave some of the usual California attractions behind and visit the, arguably, best wooden coaster on the planet! Let’s take a look at all that Dollywood has to offer and some highlights during our trip to the Tennessee park. Most importantly, how does it compare to some of our beloved California attractions? Continue reading “From Southwest to Southeast: Dollywood <3”

Disneyland Resort Update – Late March – Early April

Zach: While illness prevented us from visiting the Disneyland Resort over the week or so, some spring time sunshine provided for a beautiful (busy) weekend visit. Star Wars Land and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout construction is coming along quite nicely so we snapped some pictures, but first we start this article with a (not really) Dramatic  announcement! Continue reading “Disneyland Resort Update – Late March – Early April”

Patriot Opens at California’s Great America

Byron: California’s Great America was nice enough to invite us to the media day for their new ride experience for 2017; Patriot! After a 25 year run as one of the first B&M stand up coasters, Vortex closed last year to receive new floorless trains and be converted to Patriot. Below I’ll go over what the media day and opening ceremony consisted of, as well as my thoughts on this new ride experience.

Continue reading “Patriot Opens at California’s Great America”

Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 30th 2017

Sean: I’m back from my Southeast trip and meanwhile Six Flags Magic Mountain has opened for daily operations! I was time to get some Viper rides in and take a look at what the newest changes are around the park. There turned out to be quite a bit to report on, including more Apocalypse construction, repaints, Metropolis, and more! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 30th 2017”

Sol Spin Construction at Knott’s Berry Farm – Late March

Sean: Sol Spin, Knott’s Berry Farm’s newest thrill ride, has arrived at the park and has been assembled in Fiesta Village. It looks like the details and patterns have yet to be placed on the ride mechanism, as only the basic colors are exposed. Let’s take a look, shall we? Continue reading “Sol Spin Construction at Knott’s Berry Farm – Late March”

California’s Great America – OPENING WEEKEND 2017

Jeremy: It’s time to head back to California’s only large regional park with an off-season… You’ve guessed it, California’s Great America! As most of you know, this last weekend was opening weekend, so we headed out to the Santa Clara theme park to see how the off-season treated the park. Continue reading “California’s Great America – OPENING WEEKEND 2017”