Kong- There Is No Escape

With the recent Stealth article, and the removal of both Deja Vu and Invertigo we held a poll on the remaining Vekomas in CA. Kong came out pretty strong, and since there are different views on this SLC, we are giving our honest ride review.


Kong is a Vekoma SLC that once stood in Opryland USA as Hangman. Kong came to the Vallejo theme-park in 1998 after Premier Parks bought the park, and wanted to transform the Marine-Park into a theme-park. Together wit the park’s boomerang, Kong started it’s operations in may of 1998. The entrance was located next to the Dolphin Harbor stadium, and the parking lot used to be at the now Oasis plaza. Continue reading “Kong- There Is No Escape”

Seaworld’s Coasters!

Seaworld San Diego has the least coasters of all the Seaworld parks in the US, this doesn’t mean the 2 coaster that they have aren’t unique. The first coaster opened in 2004, Journey to Atlantis, and the second one opened in the spring of 2012. 

Both coasters are Mack coasters, Journey to Atlantis is a Mack water-coaster with a unique lift system halfway through the ride. When riders are positioned in the boat-like ride vehicles they get dragged up the lift-hill, this is followed by a little roller-coaster track pre-drop, and they will then enter one of the 2 big towers where the track becomes a flume, and the ride vehicles drop down for the first splash. After the splash riders will enjoy some of the scenery before entering the second tower o the bottom. Once they enter the tower they will be accompanied with another ride vehicle, the doors will close, and a screen will make it seem as they are in Atlantis with sea creatures surrounding them. Then all the sudden the ride lift system pulls the 2 vehicles to the top height of the ride, and the roller-coaster section of the ride starts, 1 vehicle at a time will go down the roller-coaster track. Once the relatively short roller-coaster section comes to an end, the vehicles will splash in the water, where after riders will enjoy some of the scenery again before returning to the station. Journey to Atlantis used to also house dolphins, they have been replaced by Mantas. Journey to Atlantis has a height of 95ft, a max.d drop of 60ft, has a max. speed of 42 MPH, and has a ride duration of a stunning 5 minutes!



As we move on to the newest addition to the park’s line-up, we have a multi-launch coaster by Mack that has similar trains to the ones on Bluefire in Europa Park. Manta has an interactive waiting-line that goes through Manta aquariums and touch-pools. Once riders are seated, the train will roll into a tunnel where projection will make it look like riders are in the under water world, without notice the train will launch of this tunnel at a speed of 43 MPH. The coaster is terrain hugging so there are lots of quick movements and little pops of airtime before slowing down in the middle of the ride After you slowdown the train will once again launch up-to a 43 MPH, and riders will do some last fan-favorite movements before returning to the station. Manta has a ride-length of 2,800 ft, a max. height of 30 ft, a max. drop of 54 ft, which goes in the ground and has a splash effect. Manta also pulls a surprising 4 G’s over the 2 minute ride duration.




On July 22, 1999, Paramounts Great America announced they would open a roller coaster made by Vekoma named Stealth. CGA called it the first ever Flying Coaster. The construction of the ride forced the reconstruction of the lower half of the parks Arrow Dynamics log flume ride (loggers Run). Stealth opened on April 1st, 2000, and was painted gray red and white.

Batman @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is our Batman The Ride Off-Ride video.

Please watch in HD or 1080p!
Batman The Ride is located in DC Universe in Six Flags Magic Mountain
Batman The Ride has;
Length: 2,700 ft
Height: 105 ft
Inversions: 5
Speed: 50 mph
Duration: 2:00
G-Force: 4


California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure opened in February of 2001, along with Downtown Disney and the Disney Grand Californian Hotel.  The park was opened to show the history and lifestyle of California.  The ride did very poorly for the first year, and some of their original attractions, such as Superstar Limo were closed, due to poor attendance.  In 2002, a Bug’s land opened, to make a more kid friendly area to the park.  In 2004, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was added to the park, after its huge success in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.  In 2006, Superstar Limo was replaced Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue. Continue reading “California Adventure”

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk area of Knott’s Berry Farm used to house Perilous Plunge, which closed on September 3, 2012. On October 22, 2012 Cedar Fair Entertainment Company filed a trademark for Coast Rider . Knott’s Berry Farm officially announced Coast Rider and two other rides on November 1, 2012. These 2 other rides together with the Mack Wild Mouse were to open in the Spring of 2013.


The ride opened up along with the rest of the brand new boardwalk on May 25, 2013 Continue reading “The Boardwalk”

Quick Park Update for Six Flags Magic Mountain 8/6/13

California Coaster Kings went to Six Flags Magic Mountain to check it out again. We were there for a pretty short period of time, so we couldn’t cover the entire park. We got most though!

As soon as we arrived (5PM), we noticed that the Full Throttle line was LONG, but then we took a closer look, and the new switchback system made the line look longer, but a whole lot shorter. Also, until around 8PM, the park stopped the line under the screen, and had smaller groups of people walking up the ramp to the station. We honestly believe that’s a very good idea! Now the screen and canvas come to good use, even if there are shorter lines!20130806_170621

Continue reading “Quick Park Update for Six Flags Magic Mountain 8/6/13”

Disney and Lucasfilms: Back at it Again

In June of 2011, Star Tours, the classic Disneyland ride that opened in 1987 but closed in 2010 reopened as Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.  This ride featured many new technological advancements such as HD and 3D videos, new animatronic characters, and interactive and changing ride experiences.  Now Disney and Lucasfilms are at it again to update this ride for the new Disney Star Wars film slated to open in 2015.


Continue reading “Disney and Lucasfilms: Back at it Again”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Uniqueness

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a rather unique and different park in the Six Flags chain. SFDK is America’s only wildlife, marine life, and wild-rides amusement park. Anyone  who has visited this park knows how uniquely the park is set up. All the big rollercoasters are distributed over two big plazas, and the extreme flat-rides are spread through the park. Random stadiums are located throughout the park, and the zoo area and marine life area are located on the back side of the park next to the lake. The park has an amazing line-up of shows in which they work together with world class entertainment companies. Most of the shows are extremely educational and will teach rather that entertain you with animals performing tricks, but more on that later. The animals in both the habitats in the zoo, and in the walk-through or interaction exhibits are really well taken care off, and there seems to be an experienced and well trained staff that does so. 

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