Opening of Grinchmas!

Yesterday, Wednesday the 27th was the official opening of Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood! It was also the award ceremony for the Who-Manitarian of the year! Florence Henderson, the famous TV Mom, from Brady Bunch was handed the award this year! Below you’ll see pictures of the event Universal Studios Hollywood! We’ll be going to Grinchmas this winter, and a detailed update will follow soon!

Universal Main Gate Grinch and Max Florence Henderson-Close Up with Award-2 Florence Henderson-Close Up with Award-1 Florence Henderson_Who-Manitarian-3 Florence Henderson_Who-Manitarian-2 Florence Henderson_Who-Manitarian-1 Florence Henderson with Whos

Knott’s Berry Farm Overall Report part 2.

Here we are! Part 2 of our Knott’s report! We will show some cool night pictures, and everything else we couldn’t discuss in the previous report. Also, on the bottom of this post we have great news regarding the Calico Mine Ride!

Let’s get started with our walk-through of the back of the park. The old Roarin’ 20’s was the second area in the history of the park. It houses bumper-cars, a 2 theaters for the shows, and seasonal events, as well as shops and Hollywood-related apparel.20131116_143604 20131116_143533 Below you’ll see the stadium in which Snoopy on Ice will start tomorrow! (November 28th) as part of Knott’s Merry Farm!

20131116_143509 The basis of the park is of course Ghost Town. Ghost Town is the original and the best, it sets the tone of the park. And is our favorite area in the park. Yes it might have very minimal rides, but lots of shops, small museums, remodeled Calico buildings, good food, and lots more. A MUST VISIT when at Knott’s! It houses Mystery Lodge, an anamatronics show about Indians.

20131116_124238 20131116_124304 20131116_124649 Here’s the bumper-cars we talked about earlier!

20131116_143503 The Rio Grande Western and Southern trains have been bought by Knott’s, and were refurbished to run on a rail-road in the park, and this is one of those rides that makes a visit to Knott’s complete! Riders will get a great view of the park as the train travels through the park. Additionally there are actors in the train that will interact with the guests on the train.

20131116_124200 20131116_124226

TIPS: Visit the back of the park, or of course Ghost Town, when lines seem to get long, and you want to get something to eat or relax. Say you just ate, ride the train, visit Ghost Town, and relax. When ever you are even slightly tired of the rides, go to Ghost Town, since there is a lot to do, it’s educational and very interesting and calm. Great that Cedar Fair kept this in tact!

 Sierra Sidewinder and Silver Bullet

Sierra Sidewinder is a great family ride, and is one of our favorites, but due to extreme lines on the day we went, we decided not to ride it. Sierra Sidewinder was only operating 1 train, with a line extending all the way into Camp Snoopy! Check out a full review of Sierra Sidewinder, from our visit when they ran 2 trains.

20131116_130619 20131116_130440

Next up, the star ride of the park! Silver Bullet is, arguably, the best ride in the park! Luckily they were back to 2 train operations when we were there last week! It ran incredibly smooth, and we are, as always, in love with the combination of elements! Simply a great long ride!

20131116_102103 20131116_103348


Just like GhostRider and Xcelerator, Silver Bullet has TV Screens in the station with safety videos!


 Pony Express and the Water Rides

Let’s start of with our good ol’ Pony. Yeah, we weren’t satisfied whatsoever this time. The time before, we went with minimal crowds, and a 10-15 minutes wait for 1 train operations was okay. But it was a Saturday, and we waited 40-45 minutes this time for a 30 seconds ride… Great ride, but the line ruined it! Just being honest here. Read about the entire ride experience and everything else in our ride review. (Which is a lot more positive)



Let’s talk… Big Foot Rapids! NO LINES ALL DAY! YAY! This is a fun raft ride, you don’t get super soaked, like on MM’s Roaring Rapids, but you definitely are able to get wet! It’s actually pretty long, and is a fun ride, even when it’s cold! Each boat has a pouch in the middle that is water-proof, in which you can put and protect your articles.


Perhaps the best news in this report yet, Timber Mountain Log Ride is seriously the best themed ride in the park now, and we even choose it over Splash Mountain! The make-over it under went did the ride so extremely well, we can’t even describe! A bunch of new scenes have been added, a new light package, sensory effects, etc. The ride looks extremely nice from both outside and inside. We strongly advise you to ride it next time you’re at Knott’s!



This relates to the great news that Garner Holt productions will also do a make-over of Calico Mine Ride, after the success with TMLR! Take a look.

Knott’s at Night!

We took some pictures of the park at night. Some parts of the park, especially the New Boardwalk, and the Timber Mountain Log Ride look great at night! So does GhostRider of course!

20131116_192638 20131116_173912 20131116_173932 20131116_173944 20131116_173902 20131116_173857 20131116_220315


This was the Knott’s overall report! More detailed articles to come soon! Go to our Knott’s overall report part 1 by clicking here!

Comment your thoughts of the park and anything else coaster related you feel like sharing!

Tomorrow Tuesday–El Loco @ Adventuredome

Yellow-El-Loco-Rendering-588In 2014, Circus Circus’s Adventuredome will have its new ride El Loco opening.  El Loco will be an El Loco model coaster from S&S, and only the second of the model to be placed in America.  El Loco models are characterized by a beyond-vertical drop, tight corners and abnormal banking.  The first El Loco was that of Steel Hawg at Indian Beach.  The ride was announced in November 2007 as having a 120° first drop and a planned opening date in mid-May 2008.  However, these were revised to a drop angle of 111° and an opening date on July 5, 2008.  The ride drop angle was the steepest in the world at the time, taking the record from a series of Gerstlauer Euro-Fighters which shared the record with drops of 97°. The design of the outward banking turn found on the ride was developed by Alan Schilke of Ride Centerline LLC.db_2013_1022_ElLoco51

This angled drops on El Loco models continued to increase, and the record is now held by Green Lantern at Warner Bros. Movie World Australia, at an awe inspiring 120.5 degrees.  Although El Loco (LV), is slated to open in December, it has yet to be announced what its angle for the first drop will be.  The majority of El Loco will begin with a u-turn out of the station. Riders ascend a chain lift hill before going down a small dip and into an s-bend followed by a u-turn. After a slight ascent, the car enters the beyond-vertial drop. The track then returns to approximately two thirds of its original height before entering the first set of block brakes. These brakes lead into a left turn with reverse or outward banking. It then drops under the block brakes and into the first inversion – a Dive Loop. The inversion begins with half of an inline twist which transitions into half of a vertical loop. Upon exiting the inversion the track makes an incline and into a second set of block brakes. The train then goes around a right u-turn and into the second inversion – a downwards inline twist. This leads into a cutback-style turnaround before entering the final brake run and returning to the station.  This ride, is sure to take the new title of most extreme title for coasters in Vegas, and here at CCK, we can’t wait to ride it.  el-loco-2
The train seen above is the one from Steel Hawg, below you’ll see the new design for El Loco in Las Vegas.


SFMM Update 11/24/2013

As CCK went to Magic Mountain today, we found a lot of interesting things going on in the park. Let’s take a look.

Everyone was already stressed out about the new seat-belts on Goliath and Full Throttle, so we decided to check that out. And indeed, as expected, the seat-belts took away from the ride experience, as well as the capacity. Full Throttle was even worse that Goliath. Riders had to put on their seat-belts, and were not allowed to close the restraints themselves. This resulting in the other train already being back, before the seat-belts were even fastened. It took about 2 minutes and 30 seconds per dispatch. WAY TOO LONG. A similar crazy-ness went on over at Goliath, where they used the same system. This though, seemed to go faster than Full Throttle. Both rides had the longest lines in the park, all day.

Let’s move on to the more positive note!

The park installed easy waiting lines for the ticket booths, for busy days!20131124_094410

The big tree is gone, as most of you already know, and additionally the trees have been cut in the area, making it look like Bugs Bunny World is more open. Also, the piece of the Metro (monorail) that used to still tower over BBW, is now demolished too.

20131124_172205 20131124_103808

The Santa Claus meet and greet is back after the huge success last year!


Although the park doesn’t officially host ‘Holiday in the Park’, the park does have the awesome snow globe, in which guests can play with snow while the camera crew takes pictures. Also, Cyber Cafe sells Hot Chocolate for this ‘event’. And of course the area is nicely decorated.


The park looks nice at night too! Stay tuned for the video of this update with the Valencia Falls and it’s awesome light package! Watch the video here.

20131124_153913 20131124_172633 20131124_172644

That was it for today, stay tuned for many holiday-season related posts!

Full Throttle and Superman Ultimate Flight- SEATBELTS

Just as expected, both Full Throttle and Superman Ultimate Flight are now equipped with seat-belts.

This will of course slow down the dispatch times, and especially for SUF, this is not a good thing. Both rides opened with the same seat-belts as Goliath has today. We expect more rides to receive seat-belts after the NTG accident earlier this year. Below you’ll see 2 pics. The SUF one was taken by Billy D’Anjou. The Full Throttle one has been taken by @AwesomeCoaster on Twitter. We’re not sure about Full Throttle, but at SUF, they ask you to close your seat-belt, they’ll then come to close the restrain for you. So they can check the seat-belts first. More on that in tomorrow’s report…


photo (37)



2011-2013; What we think of the new coasters!

In this special we’re looking at the 6 biggest new roller-coasters that came to CA in 2011-2013. We’re counting Superman: Escape from Krypton too! Road Runner Express is not included, neither is Coast Rider since we just posted a re-cap of it in our Knott’s Update!

Let’s start with a graph! The graph below will show the scores we gave to the 6. These scores rate from 1-10. Below that, we’ll explain why we gave the scores, and what our thoughts are on the ride.

In case the bar diagram is not legible; Bar 1; Green Lantern: First Flight. Bar 2; Superman: Escape from Krypton. Bar 3; Manta. Bar 4; Superman Ultimate Flight. Bar 5; Gold Striker. Bar 6; Full Throttle.

Below you’ll find the quick explanations!

  •  Green Lantern: First Flight We’re not a fan of this Intamin Zac-Spin. The design is creative, but it tends to hurt a lot. It was a fun, crazy experience at first, but it started to hurt after a couple of times.
  • Superman: Escape from Krypton Great make-over of the record breaker, now you can see the ground. Which not everyone likes, but it sure does go higher now! Although it’s a bit short, it’s still a fun ride that you can’t miss! Read about it’s history by clicking here.
  • Manta Manta is a great family launch coaster, with 2 launches. Nicely themed waiting line, but just isn’t extreme. This is great for a family park like SeaWorld, but doesn’t live up to some of the bigger new rides. Read a more detailed article here.
  • Superman Ultimate Flight Our new favorite! Crazy vertical twists, ‘hang’-time barrel-roll on a 150 ft. And amazing ejector time. This all combined with 3 launches. Read a full report here! We’ll be comparing this with Full Throttle later in this post, with more details about the ride!
  • Gold Striker Definitely CA’s best woodie! Great with all the tunnels, head and arm choppers! A must-ride when at CGA! This woodie is the best coaster in the park with Flight Deck, and knocks Apocalypse and Roar over! Great ride, once again. Read the full, detailed Ride Review here
  • Full Throttle The world’s tallest and fastest Looping Coaster exceeded the expectations! Wonderful new triple launch ride with great ‘hang’-time, a Dive-Loop, and crazy ‘ejector’-time! Read the full review here. Below we’ll be comparing it to SUF!

 Superman Ultimate Flight vs. Full Throttle!

Below you’ll see a graph comparing multiple mutual elements, or aspects, of the ride. These are our opinions, and opinions always differ. Therefore don’t take this too serious, you might think differently! Below the graph, you’ll find detailed explanations.

When looking at the triple launch, we choose SUF over FT solely because SUF’s backwards launch is better. They are both triple launches. But we found the backwards launch on FT a bit disappointing. When looking at the tunnels, FT was a let down to be quite honest. The trailer mad it seems extremely cool, but the tunnels is not really what we hoped for. Also the music is hard to hear when in the tunnel. SUF’s tunnel might not have music, but the blue lights, in the form of Superman shields turn on as you, the faster the train goes, the faster the light turn on. It does this for both forwards and backwards movements. The main decision for this rating came when we looked at the tunnels at nigh, and SUF is better. FT seems unfinished, hopefully the park will work on the effects soon! When looking at the trains, we honestly think both trains look kind of awkward, and the restraints hurt on the legs for long people. We honestly think that FT’s train with 3 coaches, 6 each, looks even more awkward than the 2 coaches on FT. Not a fan of either train, 3 by 4 would have worked better for SUF, and 4 by 4, or 5 by 4 would have looked better on FT if you ask us. Ejector is very similar, and really depends on the person. We just think that the ejector on SUF keeps going longer, while vertically spinning 180′ degrees, as where FT hits the breaks. The rarity of ‘Hang’-Time is the best on these 2 California Premier coasters! We love the ‘Hang’-Time equally much on both, and since they’re both combined with different inversions, we can’t choose! And when we look at the length of both rides, although both are pretty short, we’ll have to give it to FT. We love the compact-ness of SUF, but the launch mechanisms in different locations, and the winding track over the terrain on FT of course wins!


Throwback Thursday–Original Disney’s California Adventure

In the Summer of 2012, Disney’s California Adventure completed a huge expansion, adding many new experiences to the park’s line up.  The park added 2 new areas, Buena Vista Street, the entrance area of the park that represents how Los Angeles looked when Walt Disney first stepped of the bus there, and Cars Land, based off of the popular Disney Pixar Film series Cars.  Between the parks opening in 2001, and this newest expansion, many attractions at this park have came and went.  The following is a list of attractions that have been removed or replaced by the park: Continue reading “Throwback Thursday–Original Disney’s California Adventure”