Boomerang Coast to Coaster @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

We’re looking at the most sold roller coaster model ever! Yes, it’s a Vekoma Boomerang. Although there are 2 Vekoma Boomerang models in CA, we’ll be taking a look at the ‘newest’ one that opened in ’98, at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.


We realize that Boomerangs are not the fan favorites in a state that has some of the best coasters on the planet. This though, does not take away the love we have for boomerangs. Boomerang Coast to Coaster, just like any other standard Boomerang, has a track length of 935 ft, over which it will travel both forwards and backwards. It has 3 inversions that terrify riders by turning them upside down 6 times!


When riders have approached the backside of the park, close to the zoo section of the park, they’ll find a coaster scattered somewhere far away from all other coasters. Boomerang Coast to Coaster that is, even though the sign only says Boomerang, it is indeed Coast to Coaster :D. Riders will enter the line that is located in the middle of the track’s triangular layout. Once the riders moved through the line, they will be hold over at the stairs leading to the station, where a Flash Pass employee or Ride-Op will assign rows, or let small people enter the station. The train returns, the gates open and there you go, you are about to experience a ride that literally spins you around, forwards, backwards,  and upside down.

It's located away from the busy plazas and is actually residing on a hill with trees surrounding it.
It’s located away from the busy plazas and is actually residing on a hill with trees surrounding it.

Once the operators have done their quadruple visual scan, the train will leave the station going up a 116.5 ft hill, backwards. The catch-car will take you to the top, and then drop the train. Once the train is released it will dive down to the station with a speed of 47 MPH, it will the put 5.2 Gs on your body before shooting over the midway into a nice Cobra-Roll. Make sure to keep your head back in the Cobra-Roll, because it might be a bit shaky, but there is no stopping yet! The train will then fly into a disorienting looping, before flying up the second hill. It will be caught by a chain-lift to reach the 116.5 ft once again. Without warning, the train will drop backwards to deliver an amazing second half of the ride! The train will fly through the loop again, BACKWARDS, yes we here at CCK love ‘Backwards’. The loop is probably the best element backwards, next to the drop. After spiraling through the loop again, riders will experience some funky ‘air-time’, as they shoot through the Cobra-Roll again, but backwards. An amazing feeling you will get from going through the Cobra-Roll backwards is that you will have that little feeling of ‘hang-time’, and ‘air-time’ right before you drop back to the station. The train will be slowed down and ultimately placed back in position for the next riders to experience the many elements in the short 1 minute and 48 seconds.

That Cobra-Roll while going backwards!
That Cobra-Roll while going backwards!

Boomerang Coast to Coaster is located between 3 big stadiums and the zoo-area of the park. It’s across from the Alligator Isle, and the Ark (Swinging ship). The lines for Boomerang C to C tend to be pretty short throughout the day. There is practically no line ’til around noon, or 1 PM, because of it’s location in the park. It will have a short wait to about 20 minutes for the remainder of the day, and crowds won’t lessen towards the end of the day, because the zoo-area closes earlier, and thus Boomerang is often the only thing operating (and some flat-rides). On busy days the line can get long, to about an hour if it’s really crowded, but this is not usually the case. Boomerang C to C is often closed during the winter operations together with Voodoo and Tazmanian Devil. Therefore, spend time riding all the other rides first in the winter, but give Boomerang a shot first in the summer, since it will have a line later on during the day, and the other rides won’t have such long lines later on the day!

It's located along the path between 3 big stadiums.
It’s located along the path between 3 big stadiums.

It is and will always be a Vekoma Boomerang, we love ’em, but some others don’t so just keep in mind; keep your head back, relax and yes, it might be a bit jerky. But, it’s definitely worth riding without lines. You gotta agree, backwards and forwards and 6 (3) inversions… still pretty great!

Boomerang Coast to Coaster is surrounded by flat-rides rather than roller coasters!

SFMM FT VIP Tour/ Park Update 9/28/13

California Coaster Kings entered a contest to win an FT VIP engineering event, en we won!

Upon arrival we had to register at the US Army booth, and we then waited in line to be let in. Once we entered the park, we were gathered under the Full Throttle canopy and Tim Burkhart, VP of Six Flags Inc. Maintenance, told us all about the ride. He told us how FT worked, as well as what went into designing it, and how physics were applied to it. We then got to ride FT during a little ERT session, we got 5 rides in, before we were allowed to explore the rest of the park before the Saturday crowds would come in.


It also happened to be the day of the finale of Kidz Star with the famous Jennette Mc Curdy.


As far as the park’s prep for FF, it’s coming along pretty well, and the entrance is now officially Fright Fest’ized!


Bugs Bunny World is ready for Fright Fest too!


The bus that we showed in last week’s update has now been ‘painted’ to fit the Fright Fest area more.

20130928_103239 20130928_103254

Also, between Whistle Stop Park and Golden Bear Theater, more ‘apocalyptic’ objects have been placed!

20130928_103324 20130928_103335

Pistachios Park has been decorated too.


The Fright Fest icon has returned! Our guess is that the Demon’s Door scare zone is not going to have place for it over at the fountain, and since Total Darkness is going to be located in the Magic Moments theater, we think it works out.


During the Full Throttle VIP event, we also got catered lunch, the lunch was held on the perfect roller-coaster-junkie spot, right under Goliath and Colossus. (Pavilion next to Road Runner Express)


The inside of Bugs Bunny World has been nicely decorated.


The new scare zone, Demon’s Door, is looking interesting!


20130928_123438 20130928_124654 20130928_124656

FLAGS is getting ready!


The Maze Pass Sales Center is almost ready too, we like the new sign!


That was all for today! Check back often as we will be covering all mazes next week for the first day of Fright Fest!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

In this Ride Review we are looking at one of the most popular rides at the Disneyland Resort….


Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at the Adventureland section of Disneyland, has been a crowd pleaser since it opened in 1995.  It is also a quite controversial rides, due to the fact that is is one of the first thrilling dark rides, meaning an indoor, non roller coaster ride that submerses riders into a story.  The story of this ride takes place in 1936, and is shown through a series of news reels throughout the line.  The Temple of the Forbidden eye has been excavated after almost 2000 year of being covered by the earth.  The idol that guards the temple, named Mara, offers anyone who excavated it one of 3 gifts, riches, eternal life, or the ability to see the future.  The only catch is that you cannot gaze into the eyes of Mara, due to the fact that it will kill you.  It is explained that even though everyone is very excited about this, he has lost much of his funding, so a returning character from the Indy films named Sallah, has been giving guided tours for money.  Many tourists return with great gifts, but other don’t return at all.  About 1 week ago, Indy ventured into the temple to find them and has yet to return.  Sallah continues to conduct tours to find Dr. Jones.  Continue reading “Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye”

Xcelerator @ Knott’s Berry Farm

This Ride Review is reviewing the first ever Intamin Accelerator Coaster, XCELERATOR at Knott’s Berry Farm. Xcelerator opened in 2002 and replaced Windjammer Surf Racers.


Riders will approach the ride as they made their way around the park to the fifties themed area next to the boardwalk. Excelerator stands out with it’s 205 ft. hill. Once you think you’re there, you are not yet, as the ride entrance is located under the hill, on the other side of the themed area. There will be a large sign indicating that the Xcelerator entrance is to be found over there. Once you’re about to enter the line there is a test seat for larger guests to see if they fit in. We advise tall, and guests of an larger body sizes to sit in the test seat to make sure they can ride. Once you decided to enter the line, you’ll pass under the track, pass by lots of (never filled) switchbacks to a little path that will turn in to a ramp to the station. Once in the station you get to choose your row, and you’re ready to board!

The station
The station

Riders board the train, painted and modeled after a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air’s with flames painted on the hood, buckle their lap belt, and pull down the lap t bar.  After a series of red and yellow traffic lights, the bottom light flashes green, the train is pulled back by a catch car and the ride launches riders to 82 mph in 2.3 seconds. After only 157 ft of straight track, the ride heads up a 90 degree, 205 ft tall hill.  At the top of the hill, the ride switches from the side of the track to the top due to a twist in the track.  At the top, it slows enough to see the surrounding Orange County, then plunges back down the other side of the 90 degree, 205 ft hill while twisting back to its original position.  Once down, the track hits two over banked turns that make a figure eight.  The over banked turns are 110 ft and 95 ft tall respectively, and slow the vehicle down to 67 mph before being stopped by the brake run.  The ride only lasts about thirty seconds, but it is sure to leave all riders breathless.


Once the train has returned to the station, riders will pick up their belongings, and leave the station to go see their on-ride photos. The photo-booth is located next to the launch track, and riders will have a sense of the speed as the launched trains fly by!

Figure eight!
Figure eight!

The lines for Xcelerator tend to be short ’til about noon, but can get pretty long from that point on, especially if they only operate 1 of the 2 trains. This can form a line that may seem short, but takes a while before you get to the actual boarding platform. After 6/7 PM the lines will lessen again, and because of Xcelerator’s popularity at night, it might have short periods of extended waits after that. If the lines are backed up somewhere in the area of the switchbacks, we advise you to come back later in the day, as the lines will most likely be shorter!

The exit of Xcelerator!
The exit of Xcelerator!

Xcelerator is definitely a must-do at the park, and is, together with Silver Bullet, the most popular ride there. Without a wait this is an amazing ride, but with wait it might disappoint, therefore try avoiding lines and have a blast!

SCREAM! @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Please watch in HD or 1080p!
Scream! is located in the Colossus County Fair section of the park, and opened in 2003. It has;
Length: 3,985 ft
Height: 150 ft
Drop: 141 ft
Inversions: 7
Speed: 63 mph
Duration: 3:00

2014 CA Season Pass prices.

For today’s Tomorrow Tuesday we are looking ahead, and we are showing you all the Season Pass prices for the major CA Theme Parks. Please note that these are the regular passes! For more detailed info go to our Quick Links page, or our Current Ticket Prices page, or click on the name of the park below.

Viper Ride Review

In this Ride Review we’re looking at one of the most underrated coasters around, Viper. Viper is located in Six Flags Magic Mountain and opened in 1990 with the record of world’s tallest loop, and world’s longest and fastest looping-coaster.


Riders will approach the line after walking up the hill of Baja Ridge, where Revolution, X2 and Viper are located. Once the riders passed under the X2 bridge, they will see an arch with the Viper logo. This is where the line begins. Riders will walk up the curved ramp and arrive in the Mexican themed building. The first thing riders will see are the switchbacks where screens are located. (Switchbacks never get filled). Riders will then take the stairs up to the actual boarding area of the ride, the riders will quickly board, and the ride is about to start.


Riders have now boarded the green arrow-dynamics trains, and are about to leave for a crazy, non-stop action, adventure. The train will be brought to a height of 188 ft, to be dropped sideways 171 ft. After the powerful drop, the train will shoot up 144 ft, to go through the first loop, it will then be slowed down a little and curve to the left. The train now approaches the 2nd and then 3rd loop. The second loop is 90 ft tall, and the third is 62 ft tall. A little warning, there’s a little bump between the 2 loops that can cause pain in your neck, so please keep your head back in the loopings. After the 3rd loop, riders will have 3 seconds to breath before they get released from the brake-run on their way to the batwing. After an S-curve descending down, the train will spiral through a batwing, which is an element that starts off halfway, will go through a half corkscrew to the right, which is followed by a half loop, which is then followed by a (Sidewinder) half loop up, and a half corkscrew turning to the side you originally came from. The train will then be slowed down by a set of trim-brakes before it passes under the first drop to slowly pull through the 40 ft tall double corkscrew. After the double corkscrew the train will roll over a straight segment for a few seconds before the last. sudden, drop that passes under the begin of the lift-hill to hit the final brake run. The train will then turn back to the station.

First loop!
First loop!

Riders are able to purchase an on-ride photo, which is taken when the train rolls through the batwing. The ride may be a little rough but it is definitely not as bad as advertised. The ride has 7 inversions and doesn’t get boring at any point. The best seats are all the way in the front or the back 2 rows.

Second and third loop!
Second and third loop!

The lines for Viper seriously never get long, and Six Flags mostly operates it with 2 trains. So you will often end up walking on immediately. If the lines get longer, or there is only 1 train running, lines will still not exceed 15-20 minutes, and therefore the switchbacks on the lower level of the station are almost never used anymore. Please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the ride isn’t good, it is probably the smoothest and best arrow-looper still operating, and has won many of our polls.

Batwing! Also, notice that it is located next to the X2 queue, and notice the first drop!

We advise you to ride it, since it never has a line anyways, why not do a Viper marathon, when you have time. It’s definitely not the most popular ride of the park, but it is one of the most extreme rides!

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