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There’s no denying that California has one of the best and most diverse theme park lineups anywhere. We have parks such as Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure rivaling with the world-renowned Universal Studios Hollywood. We have the largest roller coaster lineup in the world at Six Flags Magic Mountain, one of the world’s first theme parks; Knott’s Berry Farm, as well as several seaside parks and America’s only wildlife, marine life and rides theme park; Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Nonetheless it’s awesome to experience other parks in the United States and of course other countries. We’re theme park and coaster enthusiasts, and because of that we also visit parks and attractions outside of California. It’s mesmerizing to see how different parks can be with even a slightly different audience or location. Out of state CCK gen banner001 (Large)

Below you’ll find several sections with different parks in different parts of the world. Please be aware that we also have a European site in English for you to enjoy the amazing European theme park world. Visit European Coaster Kings!

Other Countries

IRELAND: The Cú Chulainn Coaster is Ireland’s first major roller coaster and one of Europe’s largest Wooden coasters, located at Tayto Park on the outskirts of Dublin. The park has been expanding immensely over the past years with millions of dollars of investments, none more prominent than this Gravity Group coaster, and it is worth every penny.Cú Chulainn Banner001

It’s fast, aggressive yet smooth, lengthy, and airtime packed, which really is just about all you can ask for. Unfortunately, it’s in a bit of a coaster desert and thus may not have received the attention that it deserves. Read a full review of the ride HERE.



DOLLYWOOD: We all know Dollywood, the Dolly Parton theme park. Known for good food, better shows, and some highlight roller coasters that make the park a heaven for pretty much any theme park enthusiast. It was finally time to leave some of the usual California attractions behind and visit the, arguably, best wooden coaster on the planet! Let’s take a look at all that Dollywood has to offer and some highlights during our trip to the Tennessee park. Most importantly, how does it compare to some of our beloved California attractions? Continue reading…

The Carolinas

CAROWINDS: After riding the World’s fastest, and arguably best, Wooden Coaster a few days prior, it was time to visit the World’s largest Giga Coaster at Carowinds! This park recently received a major facelift from Cedar Fair, one very similar to what California’s Great America is planned to receive in the next few years! The park’s operations were amazing, and the park has a solid line-up of roller coasters! Let’s take a look around the park, shall we? Continue reading…


SIX FLAGS OVER GEORGIA: After visiting two of the country’s best parks, that have been in the spotlight a lot recently, it was time to check out another new park in the South. The most Southern of them all… Six Flags Over Georgia! One thing I may have learned on this trip is: if it’s another Six Flags park, expect another Six Flags experience. Let’s find out what this park in the chain has to offer with its near-perfect lineup of attractions. Continue reading…


DESPERADO: We recently visited a coaster that is usually closed when we pass by. It’s one of the tallest and largest coasters on earth, but it is not often discussed. We took a drive out through the middle-of-nowhere to finally get on Desperado, and we loved it! Check out our review of the ride and look at the big hyper coaster in this articleDesperado Banner001 (Large)

NEW (July 2017) Circus Circus Splash Zone and Adventuredome Report: Occasionally  California Coaster Kings hops over the Nevada border for some coasters, including our usual rides on Desperado at Buffalo Bills, as well as Circus Circus’ Adventuredome. This time we’re taking a look at the brand new Splash Zone at Circus Circus as well as the changes made at Adventuredome, preparing for the new 2018 coaster! Read the report here!

East Coast

SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND: After the enjoying so much of the Southeast lately (in addition to our usual dosage of Southwest), it’s time for another California Coaster Kings first: A quick northeast visit for Six Flags New England! Continue reading…

SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE: We were able to check out Six Flags Great Adventure, located in Jackson, New Jersey! Some of you may be quite familiar with the park, as it has quite the outstanding lineup of coasters, including the world’s tallest and former fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka! SFGAdvBanner001 (Large)

Great Adventure is a beautiful park with (mostly) friendly and helpful staff. Make sure to check out our recent trip report HERE. 


SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS: Several team members planned a Texas Tour for the summer, and the original Six Flags property in Arlington was the first to be visited. We absolutely loved the park, and spent two full days in the humidity experiencing classic rides such as El Aserradero, the Runaway Mine Train and Shockwave, as well as newer intense experiences such as The New Texas Giant and Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast.SFOT banner001 (Large)

Join us as we take a look around the park in our trip report HERE.

SIX FLAGS FIESTA TEXAS: We visited a wonderfully-located Six Flags property in San Antonio that features an awesome lineup of rides and shows. The quarry wall that the park is located on/around allowed for unique ride experiences that we were blown away by. SFFT Banner001 (Large)

The park features world renowned coasters like Iron Rattler, Superman Krypton Coaster and Batman: The Ride, as well as other awesome coasters like Road Runner Express and Poltergeist! Read the trip report HERE. 

SEAWORLD SAN ANTONIO: The park is greatly situated on elevated land and features a giant lake as its centerpiece. This park, unlike our local SeaWorld San Diego, has a thrill-ride collection in addition to stellar shows and awesome exhibits.SWSA banner001 (Large)

The park felt well rounded. In addition it was definitely not cramped as there was ample space between stadiums, exhibits, and rides. The park took us by surprise and was a very enjoyable place to visit. Read more!

Featured: Europe

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