Welcome to iCCK. Besides our informative, and formal, coverage. There’s another side to the wonderful theme-park industry. Through this section of California Coaster Kings, we will be providing trip reports, and more opinionated, and experience-based stories. In other words, iCCK is a more personalized, background-rich way of providing coverage.

On this page you’ll find some outstanding pieces of writing that we’ve published, that are either very opinionated, international, personal, etc.iCCK banner 005

“There’s nothing better than frequently visiting places where people come to unwind, and have magical experiences. Theme parks are just perfect.” – Sean

Outstanding and Opinionated


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“If one day I disappear, I would probably be at a theme park feeling airtime, doing inversions, rating roller-coasters, screaming out loud and smiling.” – Raphael

Travel Blog


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“With all the worries in life, escaping into a world of pure fun and energy is bliss” – Byron

Ranking, done our way.

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