Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – January 16th, 2018

Sean: It’s only been a few days since Alex got a quick Six Flags Magic Mountain update looking at operations and a display of new camera lens shots. In today’s update we’ll be looking at a lot of changes that regard current operations and the future of the park, including closures of restaurants, as well as rapid progress being made on the Boardwalk attractions! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – January 16th, 2018”

Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America – Trip Report!

Sean: It has been a dream of me to actually visit the Mall of America, and everything fell into place to visit one of the world’s most famous indoor theme parks, which happens to call the largest mall in the US its home. Nickelodeon Universe opened as Knott’s Camp Snoopy in 1992, and has since seen quite some changes to become the brightly colored indoor wonderland that it is today. Let’s take a look shall we? Continue reading “Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America – Trip Report!”

Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – December 29th 2017

Sean: I may live next to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and visit quite frequently, but with the holidays, travels across the country and the state, it has been a while that we actually got an update for you all. But with the park being open every day from now on, those updates will be pouring in all 2018 long. Let’s throw in a late 2017 update to end yet another year of updates around the state. In this update we’ll look at the construction zone, some notes around the park, and the park’s new entrance sign they placed today! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – December 29th 2017”

HangTime at Knott’s Berry Farm Update – December 1st 2017

Sean: Knott’s Berry Farm is a few weeks into Merry Farm now and after the recent Thanksgiving period construction of HangTime has resumed to move along rapidly. In this update we’ll take a look at the newly added track and supports, as well as what’s stored on the parking lot across from the park and some quick notes from around the park! Continue reading “HangTime at Knott’s Berry Farm Update – December 1st 2017”

HangTime Construction Update – November 19th 2017

Sean: With construction moving this incredibly fast, it is time for yet another HangTime Update! We’re also at the park for Knott’s Merry Farm today, but figured that some daylight HangTime pictures made for a great update while we cover Merry Farm in depth! In today’s HangTime update we find the lift-hill near complete, as well as the drop! In addition to which there are other small changes that indicate new track being placed soon. Let’s “dive” right in, shall we? Continue reading “HangTime Construction Update – November 19th 2017”