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Trip Reports


Let’s Dillydally at Valleyfair!

Alexander: Who puts the fair in Cedar Fair?

Who has flair that’s beyond compare?

Who has some areas that are… a little bit bare?

(and be that as it may, I don’t really care)

It’s Valleyfair in Shakopee Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis / St. Paul!

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Carousel Gardens, New Orleans 

Alexander: Sometimes work brings me within reach of some unexpected roller coasters. Some may be more notable (Schwarzkopf in Moscow) than others, but hey; a credit’s a credit.

This time, work roulette has landed me in one of the county’s most notable cultural centers: New Orleans! While this vibrant city once played host to an amazing major amusement park or two, these days a charming kiddie park is what makes up NOLA’s roller coaster presence.

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Coaster Con XL Hangover (Part IV) — Six Flags Over Texas

Alexander: A week after Coaster Con XL concluded, I was still craving some Texas thrills!

I didn’t have time to visit Texas’s cardinal theme park on my con visit, but shortly after going back to work I decided to make some time and run down to Dallas for a visit!

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Coaster Con XL — Part III — Sea World San Antonio

Alexander: Welcome to the third and final installment of CCCK’s Coaster Con coverage, featuring Sea World San Antonio!

Sea World is technically the 2nd park of Con, but since we hit ZDT’s early, it’s the third of three parks in our report.

Let’s get wet, shall we?

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Coaster Con XL — Part II — ZDT’s 

Alexander: Welcome to our next host park for Coaster Con XL: ZDT’s Amusement Park!

Technically this is the 3rd and final park of the tour, but a lot of ACErs went a little early to get some extra time with the park.

You see, ZDT’s is very small. With 450 people in attendance, there’s no telling how long the line might get for the park’s signature attraction, Switchback, during ERT! So naturally, lots of ACErs hopped over to ZDT before and after the official ACE visit to make sure they got plenty of rides on this amazing coaster!

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Coaster Con XL — Part I — Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Alexander: It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The dog days of summer are here!

And nothing says “summer” like the annual ACE Coaster Con! It’s a big one this year, too: Coaster Con XL! (Coaster Con 40). Since everything’s bigger in Texas, what better place to play host than one of North America’s most bustling regional entertainment playgrounds: San Antonio!

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A Roller Coaster in Russia

Alexander: Привет!

(that means “hello” in Russian)

Welcome to my 24-hour whirlwind tour of Moscow!

Here at Cabin Crew Coaster Kings, we often find ourselves unlikely and interesting places. Sometimes, completely out of the blue, we end up somewhere truly amazing.

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Dollywood — Lightning Rod Run 


Alexander: It’s always a good day when you’re at Dollywood, even when Lightning Rod is closed or threatens to be closed.

The event may be “Lightning Rod Run”, but whether Lighting Rod runs or not, this is one of the most beloved ACE regional events of the year.

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Six Flags Over Georgia — ACE Preservation Conference 2017


Alexander: Our Preservation Conference continued to the final host park, Six Flags Over Georgia, and with it came more than a little rainfall. It was simply too wet to have the camera out until after dinner, which took place in the picnic grove behind Blue Hawk.

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Lake Winnie — ACE Preservation Conference 2017

: The American Southeast is full of amusement park gems.

From Alabama Splash Adventure we jump to Lake Winnepesaukah near Chattanooga (but technically in Georgia) to enjoy some really special vintage rides and a few modern ones!

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Alabama Splash Adventure — ACE Preservation Conference 2017

Alexander: Welcome one and all to CCCK’s domestic debut: ACE’s 2017 Preservation Conference!

Our journey begins at Alabama Splash Adventure, a small park consisting of a water park, a kiddie area, and a great wooden coaster.

In 2010 the “dry side” of the park closed and a majority of the rides were removed, leaving just the tiny water park.

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La Feria Chapultepec Mágico + Perimágico — ACE South of the Border

Alexander: Today is the last day of the ACE South of the Border tour.


But we still have an amazing last day of Mexicoasters!


We have our highly-anticipated day at La Feria Chapultepec Mágico with a bonus visit to a surprisingly great indoor kiddie park, Perimágico!

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Six Flags Mexico — ACE South of the Border

Alexander: Who here’s ready for a “Six Flags Day”?

(consider carefully before answering)

Today we’re visiting what was — for a lot of ACE South of the Border attendees — the sole remaining SixFlags park to check off their lists: Six Flags Mexico. Continue Reading…


Teotihuacán + La Feria Chapultepec Mágico — ACE South of the Border

Alexander: ¡Hola! I hope everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo!

Not ready for the Mexican merriment to end? You’ve come to the right place!

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Selva Mágica — ACE South of the Border


Alexander: ¡Buenos Dias!

Welcome back to CCCK’s ACE South of the Border coverage!

Today things kick into high-gear with one of Mexico’s most sought-after roller coaster destinations: Guadalajara’s Selva Mágica!

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Parque Plaza Sesamo — ACE South of the Border

“Sunny day! Sweeping the clouds away!”

“On my way to where the air is sweet!”

“Can you tell me how to get – how to get to Sesame Street?!”

Alexander: As it turns out, Sesame Street is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Bosque Mágico! Our next park on the ACE South of the Border tour is Parque Plaza Sesamo! Continue Reading…


Bosque Mágico — ACE South of the Border


Alexander: Welcome to Cabin Crew Coaster King’s maiden voyage! The American Coaster Enthusiast’s South of the Border Tour!

I have been a member of ACE since 2000. With their help (and the help of my enabling family) I’ve racked up over 750 coasters since I first began riding in 1994.

Many of CCCK’s adventures will be with the amazing people I’ve met through ACE, and in the case of our first adventure, over 100 ACErs are here to party in Mexico! Continue Reading…

Beyond Trip Reports


Worldwide Walt Disney Attractions Top 20

Alexander: Disney is the largely-undisputed theme park king of the planet. The cornerstone of Walt Disney Theme Park success is an ever growing, envelope pushing, industry leading, storytelling (the most important part) attraction lexicon that far outmatches the likes of its competitors.  Six unique Disney Resorts play host to a sizable chunk of the world’s greatest, most significant, and/or most successful theme park rides, each playing a specific role within one of the many thematic stories that weave their way through each park’s atmospheric tapestry. Continue reading


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