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  1. Hi California Coaster Kings, Managers, Directors, Cast Members, Merchandise Guest Services Disney Parks members and all Walt Disney Imagineering member! This is Jeffrey Baek! 5 things about my complaint about Disneyland:

    #1. Please BRING BACK “CAPTAIN EO” at Disneyland Resort in California in 2015:

    Hi! This is Jeffrey Baek!

    I am really SAD that CAPTAIN EO is removed at Disneyland resort in Anaheim California,

    MJ CAPTAIN EO 3D was been my most favorite attraction ride ever I been,

    I don’t know when If you and Disneyland will ever return Captain EO again,

    especially I HAATED ANY SNEAK PREVIEWS and even I also HATED HISTA, (Honey! I Shrunk The Audience is F+ and 0% poor rated and worst)

    BUT I do love CAPTAIN EO “BETTER” at Disneyland as long as I wish it would be bring CAPTAIN EO back at Disneyland once again hopefully soon as possible, because I would be very excited to go IF CAPTAIN EO ever comes back at Disneyland, otherwise IF NOT, then I will be SAD and find other things to go other fun rides, BUT CAPTAIN EO is my mainly favorite attraction that I always be wanted to attend and support of that best ride in theater special effects.

    Also, that I live in California, and the problem, that it is hard for me to fly all the way to Orlando Florida and i don’t have that big money enough, and so it is better IF CAPTAIN EO was be best resume in California, because as long as I live in California who near by my area, and I am soooo upset that CAPTAIN EO is removed last year, and I really really HATED Stupid SNEAK PREVIEW in Tomorrowland Theater and I only had a wish that IF CAPTAIN EO is ALSO be RESUME better to reopen at Disneyland Resort in California to reopen again in the magic eye theater again and i like Captain EO better than other media imagineer because it was cool moving seats and floor and 3D with 3D glasses was great special effects, air conditioner was freshed and so I just hope that CAPTAIN EO would resume this summer as well in Disneyland and this time Disney Imagineer DOESN’T HAVE To ADD up the “TRIBUTE” as CAPTAIN EO TRIBUTE BUT just back to original title with set up the sign and TV media screen to put the titled “CAPTAIN EO” but the same special effects in the theater and so i just hope that CAPTAIN EO is better to come back in California, because it is nearly where I live right now and so hope you understand and alot other Captain EO fans out there who wants it back in California, and remain Captain EO to stay forever at Disneyland and no more sneak previews that happened to other countries, BUT CAPTAIN EO is better to resume back to Disneyland Resort that I supported and so hope you understand, CAPTAIN EO in California is mostly I live and so hope this possible work out well? (or maybe IF its after STAR WARS Episode VII is final sneak previews is done at Disneyland right after when Star Wars 7 comes out in theatres everywhere, then possibly to bring back Captain EO) Thanks.

    #2. COMPLAINING ABOUT “SPLASH MOUNTAIN” at Disneyland Resort and what to replacing Splash Mountain in Critter Country into something replacing different attraction like a show or better ride than this worst Splash Mountain because..

    I really HATED “SPLASH MOUNTAIN” and so that is why I never attend to go on that worthless ride for alot of reasons and alot of my co-workers, teachers, family and alot of managers and friends at my church who DO NEVER ACCEPT to go Splash Mountain ride, and it seems right now than before that the way I see the new video on YouTube, it seems that there are NOT many much crowd people drawing huge line for Splash Mountain that much long anymore than before, so perhaps,
    IF i hear about IF something NEW change for replacing SPLASH MOUNTAIN that can change into different attraction LIKE A SHOW or different RIDE as better change something else as much better than Splash Mountain as it is time to REPLACE “Splash Mountain” this year 2015 to replace into SOMETHING ELSE as better as possible can be,

    as I just don’t wish Splash Mountain would remain last long forever,

    AS Better WATER adventure ride in Critter Country could be more better and funner to replace this summer as replacing SPLASH MOUNTAIN as into “MAELSTROM” and because I do really interested in some better water rides as like a raft rapids, and so since when MAELSTROM was used to be there as water ride as boat Viking that was used to be at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida USA, but since Walt Disney World is now closed forever, while they were changing into FROZEN ride that coming 2016, and so now this time and this summer 2015, as if hopefully if you guys and Walt Disney Imagineering members can discuss about REPLACING “Splash Mountain flume ride” to having at Critter Country at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California In Orange County USA, as something I do not like Splash Mountain and a lot of people who disliked Splash Mountain that cannot last long and so I thought, that if you guys can discuss with Walt Disney Imagineer to plan this year summer 2015 to change into another new better and SAFETIER of cold water ride attraction to have “MAELSTROM” ride to be Replace SPLASH MOUNTAIN this year and plan to announce Disneyland to be permanently final day closing forever of Splash Mountain in Disneyland in Anaheim California to make way for more excited original Viking boat of water ride as MAELSTROM to be reopening for new Critter Country at Disneyland Park In Disneyland Resort in ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA USA this year 2015, and so more fans could enjoy ride as better than ever? Hope you understand and got this suggestion as possible to be working this out well hopefully?

    The Last Ride Ever on Maelstrom at Epcot Walt Disney World for TPR POV

    #3. STITCH ENCOUNTER (Show Interactive and motion with RIDE effects) to REPLACE for Tomorrowland INNOVENTIONS for all fans of LILO & STITCH as exactly in english dubbed based on place taken as DISNEYLAND HONG KONG Resort was showed as for English in California in the attraction of TOMORROWLAND, AS guests can expect to experince with new screen with interactive show and DARK RIDE movement inside the Room with adventures with Lilo and escapes from Captain Gantu was appeared and make way for STITCH ENCOUNTER to REPLACE “Disneyland INNOVENTIONS” to be reopen for 2016 or 2017 for kids and all age? It is best for replacing INNOVENTIONS to changed into “STITCH ENCOUNTER”

    Funny moments with Stitch…

    #4. BRING BACK of the OLD Original version Walk through of robotic animatronic figures with Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty’s friends of characters and villain Maleficient and all other set decoration to REPLACE it back to REPLACE the CARTOON and art of that new design to MAKE WAY for THE RETURN of the OLD version of “SLEEPING BEAUTY WALK THROUGH Castle maze IN ORIGINAL OLD VERSION as all set decoration with all same old robotic animatronic characters of figures, AS exactly where all the animatronics figures that appeared showed in every rides just like SNOW WHITE, PINOCCHIO and more Fantasyland was used and so for 60th Anniversary that reopened that it is time to BRING THE VERY OLD VERSION with animatronic Sleeping Beauty in old ways in the past to bring back in old original classic way to REPLACE the cartoon design in the return of the OLD walk through of SLEEPING BEAUTY WALK THROUGH CASTLE in OLD decades where it was?

    Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough 1999

    #5 Please KEEP the HATBOX GHOST to still Stay as even also remain Hatbox Ghost as well for during HAUNTED MANSION HOLIDAY such as Fall Halloween Time and Christmas Time just like same basic normal day but to decorate little bit holiday for Hatbox Ghost but to keep Hatbox Ghost to have it stay for any holiday season as even when Nightmare before Christmas of Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California as well?


    #6. Make for new under refurbishment for SPACE MOUNTAIN into changing new single song to play the mix (like recently when Disneyland used to be playing Red Hot Chili Peppers at Space Mountain during ride for a limited time for example) and so this year make the song changing to play the famous single song as PSY-Gangnam Style to make extended Limited engagement in a limited years of SPACE MOUNTAIN ride to RE-Theme added to

    “SPACE MOUNTAIN: Xtreme Viral” for the fans of PSY for making limited time OR maybe remain permanetly either one?

    So Hope you understand these 6 things as what needs to be better for Disneyland Resort this year 2015 or 2016…, thanks

    Regarded by:

    Jeffrey Baek


    +1 (949) 422-0750


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