Carousel Gardens, New Orleans


Alexander: Sometimes work brings me within reach of some unexpected roller coasters. Some may be more notable (Schwarzkopf in Moscow) than others, but hey; a credit’s a credit.

This time, work roulette has landed me in one of the county’s most notable cultural centers: New Orleans! While this vibrant city once played host to an amazing major amusement park or two, these days a charming kiddie park is what makes up NOLA’s roller coaster presence.

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NorCal Early Summer Recap

Byron: The Northern California theme parks have undergone some pretty significant changes, and in this article we aim to address the goings on at California’s Great America and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. With the opening of a new exciting ride behind us and the announcement of another in the near future, there’s a good bit of ground to cover so let’s get started. Continue reading “NorCal Early Summer Recap”

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Opens within Metropolis at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sean: After many updates of both Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and The Riddler’s Revenge repaint over the past few months, it is now finally time to experience both attractions as part of Metropolis! We were invited to the VIP Party the night before the opening to the public, and our team had a blast. Let’s take a look at Six Flags Magic Mountain’s newest ride, and the relaunch of the World’s Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Stand-Up Coaster!

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Coaster Con XL – Part II – ZDT’s

Alexander: Welcome to our next host park for Coaster Con XL: ZDT’s Amusement Park!

Technically this is the 3rd and final park of the tour, but a lot of ACErs went a little early to get some extra time with the park.

You see, ZDT’s is very small. With 450 people in attendance, there’s no telling how long the line might get for the park’s signature attraction, Switchback, during ERT! So naturally, lots of ACErs hopped over to ZDT before and after the official ACE visit to make sure they got plenty of rides on this amazing coaster!

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Coaster Con XL – Part I – Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Alexander: It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The dog days of summer are here!

And nothing says “summer” like the annual ACE Coaster Con! It’s a big one this year, too: Coaster Con XL! (Coaster Con 40). Since everything’s bigger in Texas, what better place to play host than one of North America’s most bustling regional entertainment playgrounds: San Antonio!

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