Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – July 18th 2018

Sean: We needed a day in the sun with a beer and some coasters after a long week at work, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was the perfect solution. The park was lightly crowded with plenty of re-ride opportunities! Too bad that some major attractions at the park were closed. Read on for a trip report/ park update with Harley Quinn footage! Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – July 18th 2018”

Top 50 Coaster States

Alexander: Since we love lists, we thought it was time for something a little different: a ranking of all 50 States, in order of coaster quality.

Quality is key, here; it would be very easy to just list states based on # of coasters, but that wouldn’t be very interesting. We’ve compiled our countdown based on a comprehensive look at each state and its coasters, carefully scrutinizing each one down to every possible comparison.

We know which states have more or less; today we consider which are best. Continue reading “Top 50 Coaster States”

Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration – Now Open!

Nick: Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration is now officially open at Universal Studios Florida. This new nighttime show combines fountains, water screens, and pyrotechnics with clips and music from some of Universal’s biggest franchises. It’s an excellent addition to the park and provides the perfect way to end your day. Read on for our thoughts and photos!

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Excalibur at Movie Park Germany

Henri: “Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest” has a long history. All started back in 1996, when Warner Bros. Movie World Germany opened its gates. Our older fans will remember the attraction as “Die unendliche Geschichte”, themed after the famous german novel from Michael Ende. Everything changed in 2005, when the park got a big retheming. Mystery River could never live up to the fame that “Die unendliche Geschichte” had. 2018 is the big year for the classic Intamin Rapid River. Same attraction – new theming. Can “Excalibur” live up to the fame of the Warner Bros. Version? – let’s find out.

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Cyclone Bay Construction Update – Six Flags Magic Mountain – July 12th 2018

Sean: Six Flags Magic Mountain has started construction on a big new project before they even opened CraZanity. Cyclone Bay is currently under construction, and the park is moving fast to free up space and add their next additions. The park has yet to announce what their next new attraction will be, but for now we can take you along for a quick update on the construction! Continue reading “Cyclone Bay Construction Update – Six Flags Magic Mountain – July 12th 2018”

The World’s Tallest and Fastest Pendulum Thrill Ride is Now Open at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Sean: Six Flags Magic Mountain has opened their newest thrill ride, CraZanity, this week and not only is it a perfect fit for the park, it’s a true Six Flags Magic Mountain thrill ride. Six Flags Magic Mountain has the tendency to open record breaking attractions, and CraZanity is no different. Let’s take a look at the World’s tallest and fastest pendulum thrill ride! Continue reading “The World’s Tallest and Fastest Pendulum Thrill Ride is Now Open at Six Flags Magic Mountain!”

Toverland Update – Fenix and Port Laguna – July 9th 2018

Sven: Get ready for a magical update! In the Netherlands, there is blooming theme park that really stepped up its game with the opening of not one, but two new themed areas. But most importantly, in one of those areas, there is big brand new coaster that’s deliciously fun. A few days after opening, we visited Fenix at Toverland! Continue reading “Toverland Update – Fenix and Port Laguna – July 9th 2018”

The First Purge Coming to Halloween Horror Nights!

Behind every tradition lies a revolution. This year, “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood bears witness to “The First Purge” with an all-new maze based on Universal Pictures’ all-new thriller that unleashed the country’s inaugural government-sanctioned lawlessness, making all crime legal once a year for 12 hours.

“Halloween Horror Nights” begins on Friday, September 14, 2018.

The First Purge is now in theatres.

Murder, mayhem and pandemonium are alive and well every year as the annual Purge grips the country, suspending all police, fire and emergency services for 12 consecutive hours as law abiding citizens are transformed into anarchists. Inspired by The First Purge—the movement that began as a simple experiment, this terrifying new “Halloween Horror Nights” maze aligns with the film in establishing the motives that launched the country into chaos. Continue reading “The First Purge Coming to Halloween Horror Nights!”