5 of Our Personal Favorite Elements on Coasters in California

20160525_163552 (Medium)California is home to so many fantastic coasters, we are lucky to live in a state with such a wide variety of high quality attractions. Having the great collection that we do, there are bound to be a few elements or moments that strike a chord with each individual, and that is what we are here to talk about. Not necessarily the best coaster elements in the state, but rather those that Sean and Byron have the most affinity for personally. These elements deliver memorable and unique experiences for us, and thus are our personal favorite elements in the state. Continue reading

Raging Waters Los Angeles

DSCN3293 (Medium)It was wonderful to spend a day at California’s largest water park! Raging Waters Los Angeles recently changed its name from the previous Raging Water San Dimas name, and added the high-tech water coaster slide Aqua Rocket last year! The park is beautifully situated on a hill side surrounded by nature, offering a very unique park layout, slide collection, and shade-filled environment for a day of fun.  Continue reading

Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor Update – June 11th 2016

20160611_150144 (Medium)Time for another Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! With Hurricane Harbor thrown in this time. There are a few minor changes around Six Flags Magic Mountain, including a new ad-wrap for Viper and Superman Escape from Krypton that’s operating the red train. But more interestingly… the new Python Plunge slide collection at Hurricane Harbor that looks AWESOME! Continue reading

The New GhostRider

DSCN3215 (Medium)GhostRider is back and it’s a woodie to fall in love with. The ride is butter smooth, lateral filled, unstoppable and features our favorite friend: airtime. It’s great to see this popular ride return to its original glory with brand new Millennium Flyer trains and a ride experience that feels out of control, but without breaking your back. Let’s take a look at what riding the new GhostRider is like!  Continue reading

Taste of Orleans

taste of orleansCalifornia’s Great America has announced the brand new event, the Taste Of Orleans! The festival will take place the weekends of July 23-24 and 30-31 in the park’s Orleans Place area. Taste of Orleans will feature live Cajun, Jazz and Mardi Gras style music, regional food delicacies and drink and will be open to all Great America guests. Below you can find what to expect from the event as well as our general thoughts. Continue reading

PULSAR premiered at Walibi Belgium! – Awesome Ride!

A wonderful crew member from our European Coaster Kings site was at the World Premiere of Pulsar at Walibi Belgium, and the ride sure didn’t disappoint! The ride features three launches, two vertical peaks, and a revolutionary technology that allows for the splashdown section of the ride to fill up within six seconds! In addition to the ride being great, the premiere of the attraction was out of this world too! – Talking about the ride experience itself, there are some nice pops of airtime, the launches are quick and the top speed of the ride is surprisingly fast. Continue reading

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – June 3rd 2016

image8 (Medium)It’s been awhile since we’ve delivered a park update up here at the wonderful Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. There’s been a lot of change taking place at the park to kick off the summer season, and in addition, The Joker has been opened… but not without technical issues. We’ve sure got an opinion on that so let’s get right into it. Continue reading


20160603_163356 (Medium)It was time for a nice Knott’s Berry Farm visit before the summer crowds… and what better day to visit Knott’s Berry Farm than the day GhostRider is soft opening minutes before the park closes? In today’s update we’ll take a look around the park. Some ride operations, the finished repaint of Jaguar!, the Ghost Town construction, and of course… the newly refurbished wonder-woodie… GHOSTRIDER! Continue reading