Small Parks of NorCal – CCK & CCCK Take NorCal Pt.4

Alexander: Who’s ready for a whirlwind tour of the tiny parks of Northern California??

There’s so much personality and charm tucked away in these little spots; some of them we hadn’t even heard of before we planned this trip, but we’re so glad we took the time to visit each one!

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Railblazer Construction Update #1

Byron: We were able to check out the progress of Railblazer at California’s Great America last weekend. Below we will outline the progress made thus far. Although the construction is somewhat limited at this stage, we figure we should start covering this very exciting project early. Please enjoy the first of many Railblazer construction updates. Continue reading “Railblazer Construction Update #1”

Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2017 – Maze Ratings and Reviews

Sean: Fright Fest has started at Six Flags Magic Mountain for its 2017 run, and of course I was there to experience it! This year we’ll be launching two reports regarding the popular Halloween event, one discussing the Scare Zones (later), and one discussing the Mazes (right here). Enjoy our maze ratings and reviews! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2017 – Maze Ratings and Reviews”

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk – CCK & CCCK Take NorCal Pt.3

Alexander: Hey peeps!

I know it’s been a while since Pt. 1 of this series (we wanted to get our California’s Great America report live while it was still topical), but the rest of our NorCal adventure should be going live here this week!

Let’s continue with a visit to this years Golden Ticket Award winner for best Seaside Park: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – September 5th 2017

Sean: As summer flew by and we visited dozens of parks to bring you unique reports, but it’s the time of year to get “update season!” going. With Haunt events starting as early as next week, and all of the major 2018 attractions having been announced, we’re ready to publish construction and park updates weekly! First of many, a good ol’ Six Flags Magic Mountain Update!  Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – September 5th 2017”

Splashwater Island Coming to Waterworld Concord in 2018!

Byron: Waterworld Concord, which was recently reacquired by Six Flags will be adding a new attraction in 2018 along with the rest of the Six Flags parks. Their new water play area, Splashwater Island, marks the largest addition this decade. For a water park, the promise from Six Flags of a new addition each year should mean some pretty significant change, as even small investments capital wise carry a lot of weight. Below is the press release on this year’s addition, which marks the beginning of a new era at Waterworld.  Continue reading “Splashwater Island Coming to Waterworld Concord in 2018!”

The Knott’s Scary Farm 2017 Lineup!

The most haunting Halloween event in Southern California, Knott’s Scary Farm, returns with unimaginable scares and innovative thrills for its 45th season. The fully transformed park will feature 13 uniquely haunted mazes and attractions, including the return of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, for her last performance as she bids farewell to the Scary Farm crowds with an all-new show. Knott’s Scary Farm is back for 25 horrifying nights from September 21 – October 31. This year’s Knott’s Scary Farm experience has all the ingredients of a truly terrifying nightmare, but unlike most dreams, Knott’s Scary Farm is a nightmare you can’t wake up from. Continue reading “The Knott’s Scary Farm 2017 Lineup!”